When to Take a Pregnancy Test: The Right and Easy Ways for Home Pregnancy Test

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Women get really excited if they notice some signs of having a baby, so to support their theories, they do pregnancy tests. There are many types of pregnancy tests, though all are effective, be sure to do them in the right time to give you accurate results.  If you don’t, you are likely to come up with false negatives or the false positive results. But the big question is when to take a pregnancy test.

When to Do Pregnancy Test?

Having early pregnancy test can affect the accuracy of the result so better know when to take a pregnancy test. But before anything else, it is best if you will know and understand first how pregnancy test works. Pregnancy tests are dependent on the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG, If it is a home pregnancy test, it is best if you do it in the morning for the quantity of pregnancy hormones that are present in the urine are highest at this time.

How Much Are Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy tests can cost you about $7 to $18. It depends on where you plan to take the test.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test Calculator?

Pregnancy test calculator can help you decide when to take a pregnancy test. It is used to predict when is the effective time when to take a pregnancy test for more accurate results. If you are confused when to take the test, this can be of help to you.

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When Is The Earliest to Take a Pregnancy Test?

The earliest time when to take a pregnancy test is after you missed out a period. Take for instance; if your luteal phase or the time between your ovulation and when you get your period is fifteen days, then it is best if you take the test four days before you miss your period. That is after twelve days of ovulation. A person with longer luteal phase has higher chance of accurate results. Studies show that 80% accuracy of results is detected when the time you take the test is on the 28 day of your menstrual cycle.

When Is It Too Early To Take a Pregnancy Test?

It is understandable for women to get excited and all to take a pregnancy test. But it’s way too early to test if you have just notice symptoms of early pregnancy and you didn’t consider the day of ovulation. Better be careful on when to take a pregnancy test because it can lead you to incorrect results. It is only a matter of time before you get the result of your pregnancy test so be patient.

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