Week 4 Pregnancy: Symptoms, Cramping and Ultrasound

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Some women all over the world are pregnant. This happens when the sperm that is supplied by men meets the egg cell that is supplied by women. If this happens, a baby will be formed inside a woman’s womb and gets out after nine months.

During the fourth week of pregnancy of women, there are lots of signs and symptoms that the pregnant woman may encounter from. There are also several changes in the body of the pregnant. The baby inside also have changes in a physical form. It is very important for a pregnant to regularly visit a physician to check if the changes are very normal. During the week 4 pregnancy, there will be obvious changes in the mother and in the baby.

4 Week Pregnancy SymptomsWeek 4 Pregnancy: Symptoms, Cramping and Ultrasound

There are several 4 weeks of pregnancy symptoms. One of the most popular symptoms that a pregnant person might suffer from is the cramping. It is very normal for a mother to suffer from cramping in this week of pregnancy. Another symptom that a pregnant might suffer from is the light spotting. This is also normal in a pregnant person because of the bleeding in the implantation. The color of the spots might be pink or even light brown. Some other symptoms of this stage of pregnancy are the nausea and vomiting, swollen breasts and frequent urination.

4 Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

People are using ultrasound to check if the baby inside the mother’s womb is grown up or not. During this pregnancy week, the person using ultrasound will only see a small in size baby inside the womb. In this week, the said gestational sac is improved in size. It will become more visible in the ultrasound that is placed within decidua. This sac begins to grow bigger and bigger starting this week up to the ninth week of pregnancy. The size of the gestational sac in this week is from 3 mm up to 6 mm. The size of this increase as days and weeks passes by.

Week 4 Pregnancy Cramps

Cramp is very common in the early sign of 4 week pregnancy. During the week 4 pregnancy, the mother will encounter this regularly. It is very normal for a pregnant to suffer from cramping during this week. Cramping in this week is an implantation sign. Some of the conditions might be accompanied by cramping. Some of the conditions are the fever, vaginal bleeding and chills. If these conditions are suffered by the person together with cramping, it is very advisable to visit the doctor. Although cramping is nothing to worry about, contacting a doctor is a wise thing to do.

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