Week 15 Pregnancy: Ultrasound, Fetus Development and Symptoms

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15 Week Pregnancy: Important Matters about It

In each and every week of pregnancy, it is very possible for the pregnant to encounter a lot of changes physically. Even the baby inside the mother’s womb is very prone into some of the changes. This is very normal as the baby keeps on growing as week passes by.

In week 15 pregnancy, there are several changes that the mother and the baby might encounter and suffer from. There are some changes that are not normal, but most of the changes that might happen in this pregnancy stage are normal.

15 Week Old Fetus Development And How It Look Like

The development of the fetus in each and every week is very visible as it is very normal in pregnancy. The 15 week old fetus will start to weigh up to 70 grams in this particular week. The 15 week old baby development is one of the stages of pregnancy that are grows fast. The measurement of the baby in this pregnancy is about 9.1 in centimeters. The appearance if the fetus can be seen by the mother with the help of the procedure of ultrasound scan. The changes that the fetus might have can be seen with the use of ultrasound scanning that is conducted by the professionals.

15 Week Ultrasound

Ultrasound scan is very important to know and determine the changes and the appearance of the baby inside the mother’s womb. This is the most effective way to know if the baby inside the womb grows normally or not. The 15 week ultrasound is one of the weeks that the mother can see the changes that happened to the baby. The fetus in the womb will have the body parts that are grown. In fact, the mother and the professional can also determine the gender of the baby in 15 week pregnancy.

15 Week Pregnancy Symptoms How to Cure Your Pregnancy

A lot of early sign of 15 week pregnancy might be encountered by the pregnant in this particular pregnancy stage. One of the most common symptoms in this particular week is the heartburn and/or indigestion. This is a very normal symptom that each and every pregnant might suffer from. Another normal symptom in 15 week pregnancy is the bloating of the belly of the pregnant. This is very normal because the baby is also growing and change in appearance. Some other symptoms are the flatulence, headaches, faintness or dizziness occasionally. To know if the encountered symptom is normal or not, it is very important to consult the doctor regularly.

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