Week 11 Pregnancy Expectation, Symptoms and Belly in Week 11

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In the week 11 pregnancy, there are lots of changes that the mother and the baby inside the womb might encounter. This is very normal because in this stage of pregnancy, the physical appearance of the baby inside the womb, along with the mother, changes.

In week 11 pregnancy, the baby’s body part begins to grow. This is the week of pregnancy that the baby learns how to breathe. There are lots of changes that the baby and the mother might suffer during this week.

Week 11 Pregnancy SymptomsWeek 11 Pregnancy Expectation, Symptoms and Belly in Week 11

Some of the 11 week of pregnancy symptoms are not normal. But, the normal symptoms are too many. One of the most common symptoms in week 11 pregnancy is the frequent urination. All of the pregnant might suffer from this symptom. Another very common symptom in week 11 pregnancy is the tenderness and the change of the breasts. The remaining symptoms are also normal but not all pregnant women can suffer from these symptoms. These are the excess saliva, the aversions and some food cravings, and occasional faintness and dizziness. Some signs and symptoms that are not stated are also very normal to each and every pregnant woman.

Week 11 Pregnancy Belly

Pregnant women are very prone to bloating of the belly. This is because the baby also begins to grow. The so-called progesterone in the system of the mother’s body is the cause of the relaxation of the gastrointestinal tract. If this process happens, this will result to the slow digestion and will now be the cause of bloating of the belly. If the belly begins to bloat, it is very important to wear clothes that are not tight because this might affect the growth of the belly. To know if the size of the belly is normal in a particular week of pregnancy, it is advisable to visit the doctor regularly.

Week 11 Pregnancy What to Expect

Pregnant women should expect a lot of changes during week 11 pregnancy. Some of these changes are an early sign of 11 week pregnancy. Pregnant should expect a lot of possible things that might happen. These things can be seen when an ultrasound scan is conducted. Week 11 of pregnancy what to expect are the things and changes that might happen during this week. These changes might happen to a pregnant woman and even to the baby inside. It is very advisable to eat healthy foods and consult a doctor regularly to avoid having some changes that are abnormal.

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