Vitamin A Pregnancy and effect of too much Vitamin A during Pregnancy

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Be sure to take the vitamin A pregnancy, for a healthy pregnancy. Many women today have vitamin deficiencies, and when you are pregnant you need enough vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D to keep you and your baby healthy.

The common pregnancy vitamin tablets contain folic acid, iron, and other nutrients, that every woman must have during the nine month period. Your doctor prescribes Vitamin A pregnancy if you are lactose-intolerant, so that you have enough amount of vitamin in your body.

Too much vitamin A during pregnancy:

Vitamin A Pregnancy and effect of too much Vitamin A during PregnancyVitamin A pregnancy is the perfect way to ensure the right amount of vitamin for your body. It is very unlikely that you can overdose on vitamin A pregnancy. As many of you know vitamin A is required for the growth of cellular differentiation, and development of the baby.

You can only have too much vitamin A pregnancy if you are eating a lot of fish oil and live with the supplements. Pregnant women, from 19 years and old, need about 770 micrograms REA of vitamin A per day. If you are 18 or younger, you need 750 mg.

Vitamin A Palmitate pregnancy:

Vitamin A is fat soluble, and performs all the essential functions in everyone’s body. Everyone including pregnant women, need vitamin A in their pregnancy diet plan. Vitamin A palmitate is also known as the retinyl palmitate, which is found in dietary supplements. You can also found it in natural foods, mainly in dairy products, eggs and liver.

If you take in too much of vitamin A palmitate, it might cause birth defects. There is a recommended dosage for different types of women, some wary from age, and others if there are already deficiencies present. Be sure to consult with your doctor before you start taking such supplements. Other wise in some cases it may harmful for your pregnancy.

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