Smoking during Pregnancy and How does it effect and Quit in Pregnancy

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Health practitioners and the government are working hand in hand to let you know about the hazardous effects of smoking as well as second hand smoke exposure. It makes sense then that smoking during pregnancy poses even more danger both to you and your unborn baby. Numerous studies have been made that show a correlation between pregnancy and smoking and its effects on the unborn child. The fact that your mere exposure to second hand smoke can lead to serious and dangerous consequences to your baby is a tale sign of how dangerous smoking during pregnancy is. So it is necessary to try quit smoking as soon as possible and concentrate your healthy pregnancy meal plan.

Smoking during Pregnancy Risks

Smoking in pregnancy carries adverse risks not only to your health during your pregnancy but even after you gave birth and your unborn child’s health. There are number of pregnancy complications may have to face by pregnant women.

  • Mother’s poor health due to smoking during pregnancy can lead to nausea, bleeding, and miscarriage aside from lung diseases.
  • Smoking during pregnancy  can greatly affect your unborn child’s health that may lead to the  following:

-          Premature birth

-          Cot death

-          Foetus’ slow growth

-          Still birth

-          Breathing problems as well as wheezing during the first 6 months of being born

Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy affects you and your unborn child due to the cigarette components that is highly toxic. Nicotine, Tar and carbon monoxide are poisonous gasses you inhale while smoking or you are exposed to second hand smoke. As these gasses get into the bloodstream and then cut down oxygen that your baby supplied with, your baby would weaken and its growth slowed down. In worse cases, your child may be born with congenital respiratory disease, or worst, the effects of smoking during pregnancy could be fatal.  Statistics on smoking during pregnancy show that 20% of low birth weight of newly born children all throughout USA is caused by smoking during pregnancy. There is a study conducted that links smoking to 14% of premature births, while statistics show that even SIDS is connected to pregnancy and smoking, and the American Lung Association attests to its validity.

Quitting Smoking during PregnancySmoking during Pregnancy and How does it effect and Quit in Pregnancy

Dangers of smoking during pregnancy must not be taken lightly. If you smoke prior your pregnancy, now is the best time to stop. Immediate quitting is very important for your sake and your baby’s. If you find it hard to quit, you can get help or support from your family, your physician or your friends. There are various methods, products, and approaches you can choose from.

The consequences of smoking will put your health and your baby’s into a grave danger. This is the reason why smoking during pregnancy must be stopped without putting the matter off.


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