Pregnancy Week 3: Early Symptoms or Sign and Best Healthy Diet Plan

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Important Facts about Pregnancy Week 3

By the time of sexual intercourse between men and women, the sperm cells that are produced by men will enter and meet the egg cell of women. If this procedure occurs, pregnancy is very possible for a woman. This is the time that the baby inside a mother’s womb is formed. It is very important to supervise a pregnant woman week after week.

In pregnancy week 3, there are lots of changes in the physical appearance and some matters of a woman. Even the baby inside the mother’s womb also changes. The procedure called implantation occurs in this week. This stage of pregnancy week 3 is said to be very important week to be supervised by some physicians.

3 Week Pregnancy Symptoms Pregnancy Week 3  Early Symptoms or Sign and Best Healthy Diet Plan

During the first 3 week of pregnancy, there are lots of symptoms that a pregnant woman might encounter. One of the most common symptoms in this week of pregnancy is the basal body temperature. The said body temperature will rise in this stage of pregnancy. This is not abnormal especially if the person suffering is in this stage of pregnancy. The cervical mucus of the pregnant woman becomes clear during this stage. In the past weeks, is a little cloudy in color. But, this week, it becomes extra thin and clear. These are some 3 week pregnancy symptoms that a pregnant may suffer.

3 Week Pregnancy Sign

During this week of pregnancy, there are also several signs that a pregnant may encounter. One of the most common signs is the pain in the lower abdominal portion. This pain is more about cramps. Some of the women that are pregnant feel a series of cramps in the lower area of the abdomen. This pain usually this is very normal for a pregnant person because the ovary is releasing egg.  If the person suffers from this pain, it is very important to consult a physician and have a check-up.

Diet Plan for Pregnancy Week

Eating healthy is very important for a person. Especially if the person is pregnant, it is very important to eat foods that have the right vitamins and minerals. In pregnancy week 3, the pregnant should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits in order to make them together with the baby healthier. It is very advisable by some physicians to eat a lot of grains and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. These foods might have a lot of vitamins that is needed in the growth of the baby. But, eating lots of sweets is very dangerous. It is not recommendable to eat a lot of sweet products because this may affect the health of the baby.

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