Pregnancy Week 2 Symptoms and How to Cure Pregnancy with Diet

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Pregnancy Week 2 as the Most Critical Time for the Rapidly Growing Embryo

When your menstrual period is due although you may not feel that you are pregnant, you are probably on your pregnancy week 2. The first two weeks of pregnancy is the time of rapid development of the growing fetus. The sex of the organism in your endometrium is already determined during the 2 weeks of pregnancy. During the first week of pregnancy, your body develops some changes but you will likely be the only one to notice. They are called probable signs of pregnancy that can be seen in pregnancy week 2.

2 Week Pregnancy TestPregnancy Week 2 Symptoms and How to Cure Pregnancy with Diet

To determine a positive pregnancy, women must undergo an appropriate 2 week pregnancy test. One reliable tool is the pregnancy test kit. During one to two weeks of pregnancy, positive result of true pregnancy is merely detectable. It will take more months to diagnose well a positive pregnancy. But for pregnancy week 2, the pregnancy kit test is acceptably reliable. The pregnancy test kit detects presence of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine, a hormone released during conception. Some digital pregnancy kits are now able to detect the number of weeks of pregnancy.

2 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Two week pregnancy symptoms are noticeably only by the pregnant women. These symptoms are probable and are not a reliable indicator of positive pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy two weeks pertain to physical or bodily changes. The first sign to be recognized by the women is amenorrhea or absence of menstruation. At pregnancy week 2, cervical mucus changes will occur. Furthermore, during the first two weeks of pregnancy, appetite changes will also occur due to increasing hormone levels. More signs of pregnancy 2 weeks occur but are less indicator of positive pregnancy.

Diet during Pregnancy Week

One of the most important things that women should follow and take note is the diet during pregnancy weeks. The first two weeks of pregnancy is very critical for the growing embryo. At pregnancy week 2, the fetus is very prone to teratogenic effects of unhealthy diet. One to two weeks pregnant women is prohibited to drink alcohol which is the most fatal teratogen during the first two weeks of pregnancy. Since pregnancy week 2 is the rapid stage of development of the embryo, women must take all the healthy foods containing nutrients and mineral needed for a healthy pregnancy at weeks.

Women at pregnancy week 2 need a lot of guidance and teachings. Because of the fact that positive pregnancy is merely detectable at the first the two weeks; caution is needed in the diet and lifestyle of a probable pregnant. If pregnancy is detected positive, the growing fetus is in a healthy status.

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