Pregnancy Morning Sickness: When it does Start, Symptoms, Causes and Natural Remedies to get Relief

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Nobody knows why first the pregnancy symptom for so many women is dashing to the lavatory early in the morning. During pregnancy, almost 80 percent of women usually feel sick. Almost half of them will experience pregnancy morning sickness during pregnancy. So, if the first weeks of pregnancy you feel nauseous, you are never alone. Morning sickness is one of the most common medical conditions or pregnancy complications during the early stage of pregnancy. This feeling varies on every woman. Some may feel mild nausea when they wake up first thing in the morning, or there are certain smells that can trigger the feeling of sickness. Some may have this feeling for weeks while others, for months.

What Causes Morning Sickness?

Pregnancy Morning Sickness When it does Start, Symptoms, Causes and Natural Remedies to get Relief during Early PregnancyThe term morning sickness may not be a very accurate term for what some women may experience. Some may feel more nauseous in the morning, but this nausea may attack even during the night. This condition can, to some extent, take over the woman’s life while she has it. If this happens badly, she may find herself unable to go to work. It will also be very difficult to do even the household chores. Some feels that during pregnancy they should be happy and excited and the feeling of being ill depresses them. If the feeling is unrelenting, some may even feel that no one understands what she is going through. Talking to other women having this pregnancy morning sickness might prove helpful.

Pregnancy Symptoms Morning Sickness

Feeling sick is actually a sign that the level of your hormones is high enough so as to sustain pregnancy. Although, the cause of this is unknown until this day, it is closely connected to estrogen hormones and human chorionic gonadotrophin. Thyroxine which is a thyroid hormone is also believed to play an important part. This pregnancy morning sickness may start on the first 6 weeks of the pregnancy. The condition may improve in between the 14th and the 16th week. The varying feeling of nausea may be felt until the 20th week or through the entirety of the pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Remedies

Pregnancy morning sickness at its most severe condition is known as hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a condition where a woman experiences excessive vomiting. If this happens, the woman will not be able to eat and even drink without having the pregnancy morning sickness feeling. This is an alarming condition because this may have an effect on the health of your baby. So, if you experience pregnancy morning sickness, it is advised that you immediately talk to your midwife or your doctor.


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