Pregnancy induced Hypertension: Chronic Symptoms, Causes and Treatment in Pregnancy

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Perhaps, you are wondering what pregnancy induced hypertension is. Well, you are not just the one who is wondering of the same thing. There are also so many people who are not aware of what pregnancy induced hypertension is. This is especially true for those who are planning to become pregnant and are about to deliver their child in the next 8 months or less. Of course, you have to know some of the needed facts about pregnancy induced hypertension to get familiar with the condition.

What is pregnancy induced hypertension?


First, it is important that you know what pregnancy induced hypertension is. Basically, this is a kind of hypertension which is present in expectant mothers. This implies that it occurs during pregnancy. When one is suffering from this kind of problem, this means that the blood vessels of the patient have already increased resistance. This will then interfere with the proper blood flow in the organs as well as in the placenta. Specifically, pregnancy induced hypertension occurs for about five to eight percent of all expectant mothers.

Causes of Hypertension (PIH)


As of this moment, the exact cause of hypertension particularly PIH is yet to be discovered. But then, there are some researches stating that this is possibly because of too much ingestion of water and sodium during the course of pregnancy. This makes the resistance in your blood vessel increase drastically. That is why it is advised not to take too much sodium when you are taking a lot of water.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension SymptomsPregnancy induced Hypertension: Chronic Symptoms, Causes and Treatment in Pregnancy


There are some pregnancy induced hypertension symptoms that you need to know. Once of which is edema or the shifting of the fluid from the interstitial space in your body to intracellular compartments. Pre-Eclampsia is where there is too much water retention in the body. That is why this can cause swelling of the cells. Aside from that, gestational hypertension or PIH is also manifested by seizure. This is also one of the most dangerous pregnancy induced hypertension manifestations since this can lead to death. Of course, there is an increase in the blood pressure of the person affected. Presence of protein in the urine might also happen.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Treatment


Since Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy is very dangerous both for your baby and for the mother, it is important that proper treatment will be given to you immediately. There are some anti-hypertensive medications that can be prescribed to the mother. These medications do not have the capacity to cross the placental barrier. That is why they are all safe for your baby. To prevent pregnancy induced hypertension, one is also advised to try low salt diet in your pregnancy diet. This is also important in order for you not to have too much pressure in your vessels. Once the manifestations of pregnancy induced hypertension is present, it is important to seek for medical consultation immediately.

These are some of the things that you need to know about pregnancy induced hypertension. Definitely, this is a very serious condition, so you have to carefully watch out for any signs of pregnancy induced hypertension.

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