Pregnancy Hormones level and Diet during and after Pregnancy

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The very apex of womanhood is achieved during pregnancy. Knowing that you are now at the verge of becoming a mother is one of the best experiences and is considered as a major turning point in a woman’s life. But being a mother also pays a high price. You are vulnerable to all types of changes, be it physically, mentally and emotionally. These changes are caused by the different hormones secreted by some of your body organs. In order to get the best pregnancy experience, you must have a deeper understanding about pregnancy hormones.

Hormones during Pregnancy

pregnancy hormones levels and diet during and after pregnancyThere are several pregnancy hormones playing major roles in your pre-natal period. These include human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG), human placental lactogen (HPL), estrogen and progesterone. The HCG pregnancy hormone which is produced primarily by the ovaries and also by the placenta is the culprit responsible for your “morning sickness syndrome”. The HPL on the other hand, stimulates the milk glands of your breasts. The estrogen and progesterone are the hormones responsible for the secondary female characteristics and also help in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Hormones after Pregnancy

If you are thinking that you can be free from all the pregnancy hormones travelling throughout your body, then you are wrong. Those body chemicals are still in active even after pregnancy, guilty for another batch of changes in you. The same pregnancy hormones such as the HCG, HPL, estrogen and progesterone still cause changes especially in your physiology. But there are also other hormones that become hyped after pregnancy such as the cortisol, secreted by your adrenal glands, which provides you extra energy and is also responsible for the changes in your body shape. The luteinizing hormone pregnancy also regulates your normal menstrual cycle after giving birth.

Pregnancy Hormones Level

The levels of the pregnancy hormones also contribute a lot to the changes and behaviour of a pregnant. In fact, pregnancy hormones level is used to detect if you are really pregnant or not. If the HCG pregnancy hormone level is below 5IU/ml, then you are not pregnant but if it is above the standard level, then you are now in the beginning of motherhood.

Pregnancy Hormones Diet

You may be surprise to know that pregnancy hormones do not only concern pregnant, those who are now into losing weight can also benefit from pregnancy hormones. The HCG hormone drops which are known to decrease one’s cravings and at the same time burn those extra fats are now becoming popular as a weight lose regime. The HCG, considered as the “pregnancy hormone” does not only help during the pregnancy stage of a woman and maintain the hormone levels in pregnancy but can also help those dreaming of a slimmer body.

Pregnancy Hormones Week by Week

The levels of the pregnancy hormones changes weekly, causing the different stages of development during pregnancy. The HCG level is primary standard in observing the development of the fertilized egg up to its transformation into a fetus.  In the duration of the pregnancy, the level of HCG produced will eventually decrease and even decline when you are now prepared to give birth.

After knowing all there is to know about pregnancy hormones, enjoy more the experience of carrying your baby created as a product of love.

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