Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids: Symptoms and Treatments

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A hemorrhoids are a general illness which is very painful but is not common in pregnancy. In a pregnancy due to pressure of unborn child women has to face hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids is also known as piles. According to Doctor Point of views it is a normal condition in pregnancy. It most probably appears at third trimester periods. Due to pressure of child, anal and uterine area become very swollen at this stage veins fill up with too much blood causing swelling and bleeding so it is known as hemorrhoids.

Main causes of hemorrhoids while Pregnant

During pregnancy if women suffering with constipation and they have been trying to avoid it for a long time then it can be a lead hemorrhoids condition. Constipation during pregnancy increases the pressure on the rectum area so women may have to face or experience hemorrhoids condition.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

There are a number of indications that could be a symptom of hemorrhoids. Drop of blood in wiping can be the first symptoms of hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids can be categorized in following way.

Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids symptoms and treatmentsWhen it is located at anus opening area it is categorized as external hemorrhoids at this stage not necessary to treat this condition medically whenever clot not develop. But this condition can be painful and irritating with bleeding. You can also feel there is a lump inside the region.


An internal hemorrhoid is another category which is present inside the anal canal. It is not painful as much as external hemorrhoids but it may irritate and bleed. Physician measured this severe condition in first to fourth condition.

In a first degree measurement bleeding occurs but it doesn’t protrude from the anus. In second measurement it can protrude during a bowel movement and it can go back into place. Slight bleeding may occur this time, necessary to take action this phase.

At the third phase of this condition protrude could not go back into place without any assistance. But in a fourth degree of hemorrhoids protrude can’t back into their places this is an advance stage of hemorrhoids which contain blood clot.

Treatment of Hemorrhoid 

A healthy pregnancy diet plan can help to treat hemorrhoid. Fiber foods can use as a treatment of hemorrhoid. Fiber foods are really beneficial to get relief in symptoms of hemorrhoids. It helps to soften the stool and increase its bulk. It has been proved if individual facing hemorrhoids condition and they take fiber foods in his daily routine then it help to reduce symptoms like pain, itching and discomfort.

There is lots food material is available that is rich with fiber food like grains and vegetables. Psyllium is the other rich sources of fiber food which are inexpensive and easily available. One teaspoon with water is recommended doses suppress the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Drink plenty of water help to improve the constipation problem.


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