Homemade Pregnancy Test: How to make Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

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When does a woman should have to take the pregnancy test? Is there another way to know if a woman is pregnant without consulting a doctor or buying an over the counter pregnancy test kit?

Lots of women are afraid to take the pregnancy test and even ashamed to buy over the counter pregnancy test kit. If you belong to those women who is dying to know if you are pregnant or not you can take the alternative with homemade pregnancy test. But before that you have to make sure first that you have the symptoms of a pregnant woman.

When to Do Pregnancy Test

  • If you have a regular menstrual period you might consider taking a pregnancy test if you missed your period.
  • Morning sickness is another symptom that affects about 50% of women who is already pregnant.
  • When you poke your breast and you feel tenderness, that is another sign of being pregnant
  • Unusual vaginal discharge, bloating, and headaches are also a sign that you should consider

How to Make a Homemade Pregnancy Test

In cases that you feel two or three of these symptoms and you are afraid of what you are going to find out, you can opt for homemade pregnancy test that works. Some time you may get false negative home pregnancy test so be ware when you go with homemade pregnancy test.

To start with here are some of the homemade pregnancy test that you can prepare.

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpasteHomemade Pregnancy Test: How to make Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

Toothpaste and dandelion leaves has been also used by other people to test pregnancy, to perform test take a urine sample and mix with the toothpaste and wait for result, colour indication are possibility of positive pregnancy test but like the above ingredients there has been no scientific basis that these procedures are reliable. It is still best to consult a doctor to ensure safety.

Bleach Pregnancy Test for Homemade Pregnancy Test

Bleach is a cleaning agent which can be used as an ingredient for homemade pregnancy test. Put a cup of bleach in a small transparent bowl then add the urine. There might be a sign of pregnancy if the mixture bubbles or if the bleach sparkles or foams when you add urine.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine sol is another cleaning agent that can be also used in homemade pregnancy test. It works simply by adding urine to the chemical and if the color of the pine sol somehow changes then that would indicate pregnancy.

The homemade procedures above do not promise to give you an accurate result an besides it has not been proven scientifically that is why it is still best to consult a professional if you already feel two or more symptoms of pregnancy.

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