Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Risk Factors

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As we know the gestational diabetes are conditions which take place women body during pregnancy. In a pregnancy periods placenta secreted different types of hormone that make women body insulin resistant. Due to this resistant condition blood sugar level reached at high level. This medical condition is not permanent but worldwide 4-5% women face this condition during pregnancy. Somewhere it is also known as glucose intolerance and carbohydrate tolerance condition.

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

There some following symptoms could be an indication of gestational diabetes.

  1. In urine test women get sugar in urine.
  2. When women suffer excessive thirst and frequently urination may sign of GD.
  3. Nausea and fatique may also the indication of GD
  4. Bladder, vagina and skin may be frequently infected.
  5. Blurred Vision an another sign of GD

Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors  Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors

Let’s discuss some risk factor that is primary causes of gestational diabetes

Women Obesity

Obesity is the main cause of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Women who have high body mass index (BMI) approximately 26.0 – 30 are at high risk of gestational diabetes. Due to her obesity insulin resistant condition are developed that resulting higher blood sugar level. Gestational diabetes risk can be reduced by the managing obesity.

A History of Diabetic Family

Family history increases the chances of gestational diabetes especially if the family history suffers with type II diabetes. So if you are belong to diabetic family than it is necessary to consult dietician and physician time to time during pregnancy it is a best way to cure yourself with gestational diabetes.

Getting Pregnancy in Advanced Age

If women get pregnancy after 35 ages increase the risk of gestational diabetes. Pregnancy at 35 age extra cure is required for both mother and her fetus.

Heavier Babies Birth

Increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes if the women delivered baby that is heavier than 4 kilogram.

High Blood Pressure

High BP is another common sign of gestational diabetes. Avoid high BP during pregnancy for long time may cause of GD.

Gestational Diabetes in Last PregnancyGestational Diabetes Risk Factor and Natural Cure

If women already face gestational diabetes in her last pregnancy than it has more chances to develop gestational diabetes in her current pregnancy.

Some other thing that must be notice from last pregnancy like rapid weight gain in last pregnancy, complicated last pregnancy, birth defect in child after delivery, these are some common thing that increase the chances of gestational diabetes in current pregnancy.

Some Other Risk Factor

Previous medical history of women plays a severe role in developing gestational diabetes. If in her previous history women faced Type I and Type II diabetes, increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Best way to fight gestational diabetes follow healthy, balance diet plan and avoid food during pregnancy that can lead gestational diabetes.


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