Gas during Pregnancy: Gas Pains Relief Option in Early Pregnancy and Is gas X safe

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Gas during Early Pregnancy

Too much gas during pregnancy is normal and uncontrollable. You are probably wondering where this gas come from during your pregnancy. There are two ways for gas to get caught in your digestive tract. One is when you swallow air and the other happens whenever bacteria breaks down undigested foods in your large intestine. Normally, you are able to release this gas through burping. However, small amounts may continue its way down to your large intestine and is released as flatulence.

Gas Pains during Pregnancy

Having gas during pregnancy is one thing but the pain you will be suffering is also added to the package of being pregnant. Abdominal pain is one of the discomforts you are most likely to experience. Because of this trapped gas during your pregnancy, you will also feel a variety of cramps and this can be a great concern to the part of women. Vaginal gas during pregnancy is another of the discomforts you may experience while you are pregnant.

Is Gas X Safe during Pregnancy?

Gas X is an anti-gas medication with a generic name of simethicone. It is safe during your pregnancy but don’t use such medication if not recommended by your doctor.

Gas Relief during PregnancyGas during Pregnancy: Gas Pains Relief Option in Early Pregnancy and Is gas X safe

The gas during pregnancy second trimester is a real pain when not treated immediately. It can be the cause of the occurrence of abdominal pain. If you are questioning yourself what gas relief you can use to get rid of the smelly gas during pregnancy, there are medications available in the market. Just make sure to consult first your doctor before taking some. There are also simple steps you can do to deal with painful gas during pregnancy. The most common is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eliminate such foods as broccoli, beans, potato, asparagus and pasta in your diet. Chewing gums are also not advisable for pregnant women for this might also lead you to taking in unnecessary gas. Also, refrain from eating large meals. Instead eat five to six small meals every few hours every day. Drink more water and juices in a slow manner or take them in between meals to avoid swallowing of excess air. Exercise is also a great help against too much gas during pregnancy.

An Ultimate Guide for Gas during Pregnancy

Gas Cramps during Pregnancy

There are many causes of gas cramps during early and late pregnancy. In your early pregnancy, one might experience cramps due to implantation cramping, stretching uterus, miscarriage and also constipation or bloating. While in your late pregnancy, it is usually because of round ligament pain that often strikes during the second and third trimester. It can also be due to preterm labour, and during the labor itself.


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