Foods and Drinks to avoid during Pregnancy and their Disadvantage

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Pregnancy is blessed of god but its cure completely in your hand. Mother must be knowledge about what foods to avoid during pregnancy and what should take. Because the growth of fetus completely depend on diet that pregnant women are going to follow in her pregnancy. Due to follow bad pregnancy meal plan mother has to face miscarriage or abortion. Now let’s discuss about food that must be avoid during pregnancy.

Foods to avoid during Pregnancy

Alcohol or Beverage: Consumption of beverage and alcohol during pregnancy obstruct the growth of fetus and its show severe affect on unborn child. So there are no any safe amount of alcohol that could be suggest during pregnancy. Due to consumption of alcohol fetus has to face many of development disorder like, low weight, low vision, mental retardation, and many more. In a breastfeeding periods alcohol are prohibited because alcohol does reach baby in breastfeeding.

Raw Eggs: Due to presence of salmonella in raw eggs, it must be avoid during pregnancy. But by making some homemade dishes with raw egg the exposure of salmonella can be reduced. In recipe you may include Caesar dressing, mayonnaise, and homemade ice cream etc. Pasteurized eggs that are used commercial manufacturing do not increase the risk of salmonella.

Mercury contained Fish: Development of brain can be delay or obstructing by the mercury that is contained in some fishes. So that fishes contain high level of mercury must be avoid during pregnancy.

Raw Meat: The risk of contamination in meat can effect mother fetus growth.  Meat can be contaminated by coliform bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. So women must be save yourself from eating raw meat.

Deli Meat: Deli meat can be big cause of miscarriage, deli meat contaminated with the listeria. Listaria can cross the placenta and now here it can affect the growth or may lead infection, blood poisoning of fetus and some time may suffer with miscarriage. Reheating is the best way to eat deli meat this way can make deli meat decontaminated.

Unpasteurized Milk: During pregnancy pasteurized milk must be drink because unpasteurized milk can be contaminated with the bacterium that is known is listaria. It has a ability to cross the placenta and that may leading infection or miscarriage.

Caffeine: There is little bit confusion about taking caffeine during pregnancy. Some say low quantity is affordable during pregnancy but study show the taking of caffeine during pregnancy may cause of miscarriage. At this confusion stage it will be better to avoid caffeine during first trimester or whole pregnancy periods. Caffeine works as a diuretic it mean it help to eliminate fluid from the body that may result loss of water, minerals and calcium. These all are the important substances during pregnancy. So drink plenty of water, juice and milk and avoid caffeinated beverage.

Follow a low sugar diet plan in pregnancy help to reduce the chances of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Papaya also be avoid by the pregnant women especially it is raw and undercooked.

Spicy meat can be contaminated by the bacteria so avoid this thing during pregnancy.

Intake of chilli, onion, garlic, hing, and molasses should be avoided in maternity periods. Especially if mother already face miscarriage or abortion in last pregnancy. Such all foods to avoid during pregnancy and prevent yourself with complicated pregnancy.

Women must be follow healthy pregnancy diet plan during pregnancy and add fresh, healthy and clean green vegetable in her diet Plan. Green vegetable are really beneficial for fetus development. Physician and dietician advice in must, take a perfect diet tips for getting healthy child birth.

 Fit and healthy pregnancy by Healthy Diet Plan

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