Early Pregnancy Symptoms: How can start Most Common very early Pregnancy Symptoms

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How early can pregnancy symptoms start? While the universal consensus is from the 5th or 6th week of conception, this question is answered by lots of pregnant women on their own. Using a pregnancy test kit is the most common method that a lot of pregnant women use to confirm their suspicions about their early pregnancy symptoms. Here are some details about the most common early pregnancy symptoms that you should know to make everything clear to you.

Early pregnancy symptoms before missed period

Early Pregnancy SymptomsWhen women think about the early pregnancy symptoms, they automatically believe that missed period is the best indication of conception. However, by the time that a woman has observed a missed period because of pregnancy, at least five other early pregnancy symptoms have already occurred, probably weeks before their period’s scheduled date. These early pregnancy symptoms can happen long before a woman misses her period and these are: high basal body temperature; nipple enlargement, breast tenderness and increased breast size; constipation; nausea and vomiting; fatigue and exhaustion.

Discharge from the vagina is also included in the early pregnancy symptoms. Increased discharge is caused by the increase in growth of the cells that are lining the vagina. As soon as the fertilization of egg takes place, the walls naturally begin to thicken and this can cause an expectant mom to have a discharge of a white and milky fluid. Early pregnancy symptoms discharge may actually go on throughout the pregnancy of an expectant mom.

Very early pregnancy symptoms cramping can also be experienced by expectant moms. Doctors ascertain that a woman who is expecting motherhood should consider cramping as one of the positive early pregnancy symptoms. Although cramping is comparatively harmless and a positive pregnancy symptom, you still have to take precautions as well as follow the advice of your doctor to avoid pregnancy complications.

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Early pregnancy symptoms after IUI

If you have undergone through a medical procedure such as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), you may be wondering about the early pregnancy symptoms that you will experience after the procedure. Some women who have undergone through this procedure will begin to get really bothered because they assume that they’re getting ready to begin their next menstrual cycle. However, this is one thing that a woman should remember when she has undergone through IUI- the pregnancy symptoms are similar to PMS! With this in mind, the early pregnancy symptoms that women may experience include: darkening areolas; backaches; food cravings; headaches; heavy or sore breasts; fatigue or sleepiness; cramps; bloating; nausea and difference in the period. If the period is shorter and lighter than the normal, you should already get a pregnancy test as this may be one of the early pregnancy symptoms.

If you think that you are experiencing the earliest pregnancy symptoms, it is better to get a pregnancy test or visit your doctor to get some advice about healthy pregnancy diet plan and to make sure that both you and your baby are normal and healthy when the time of the delivery comes.


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