Diarrhea during Pregnancy: Is it Normal and Common in Early Pregnancy and its Treatment

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Different to constipation during pregnancy, which is initiated by the fluctuating hormones of pregnancy, diarrhea during pregnancy is likely due to something that comes from outside of the woman’s body – and something that isn’t essentially harmful either. Diarrhea during pregnancy is perhaps the outcome of every good-for-you food you have eaten, the more water you have drank, or even your pregnancy exercises. A lot of women discover that their prenatal vitamins lead to loose stool.

Is It Normal To Have Diarrhea During Pregnancy?Diarrhea during Pregnancy and Other Complication

It is commonly more usual for a woman to have constipation instead of diarrhea during pregnancy. However, a lot of women do claim that they are suffering from mild diarrhea prior to giving birth.

Otherwise, similar to not being pregnant, women can suffer from diarrhea due to food poisoning or stomach virus. Specific antacids and antibiotics can at times lead to diarrhea, similar to several foods including sugar-free candies, which are the common causes, and dairy products, for individuals who are intolerant to lactose. Also, women who suffer from gastrointestinal difficulties such as diverticulitis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and inflammatory bowel disease can have chronic or occasional diarrhea.

Diarrhea during Pregnancy Trimester

Described as watery or loose and recurrent bowel movements, diarrhea during pregnancy is a usual difficulty for most women. There are lots of factors that can lead to diarrhea during pregnancy trimester, and most of them are brief and aren’t a reason to be worried. Diarrhea, along with vomiting or nausea, will need preventive actions in order to prevent dehydration. Diarrhea during pregnancy coupled with pain and fever, or has blood or mucus in it, is possibly an indication of a more severe problem that needs medical attention.

Home Remedies for Diarrhea during PregnancyDiarrhea and Other Pregnancy Complication

Home remedies for diarrhea during pregnancy are safe but these preventive measures should be tried under the guidance of the doctor. There are lots of home remedies for diarrhea during pregnancy and here are some of the following:

  • Ginger root or ginger is a herbal remedy for easing several abdominal problems, such as those that emerge during pregnancy.
  • Eating while having diarrhea during pregnancy isn’t advised since it can irritate more the intestines and the stomach. Rather, a pregnant can gradually present bland foods when she is hungry. These kinds of foods are easily digested and are less possibly be pushed out quickly from the body in the form of watery stools or liquid.

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