Cramping during Early Pregnancy: Symptoms of Cramp and is it Normal in Pregnancy?

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Cramping during Early Pregnancy: Is It Normal?

Are you experiencing cramps and you have no menstrual period yet? Cramping during early pregnancy is something that may happen among several women. The body of a pregnant woman like you is undergoing changes while it prepares for the baby inside your womb, and this causes cramping during early pregnancy.

There are many pregnant women who are experiencing slight cramping during early pregnancy particularly during the first week of their pregnancy. As a matter of fact, there are many women who may think that their approaching menstrual period is the cause of cramping during early pregnancy. In this article, you will learn why there is pregnancy cramps as well as the appropriate time to consult your doctor.

The Pregnancy Symptoms CrampsCramping during Early Pregnancy Symptoms of Cramp and is it Normal in Pregnancy

Your uterus is comprised of muscle and tissues which enable it to be stretched when you are pregnant. It will also contract when you reach the due time for giving birth. These are all caused by certain hormones inside your body so you experience cramping during early pregnancy.

Some women might feel periods cramping in early pregnancy at the time that the fertilized ovum attached to the wall of your womb. This could take place from six until eight days after the egg got fertilized. You may feel spotting when the ovum implants. Another cause of cramping during your early pregnancy is your hormones stimulated the uterus to expand as it needs to prepare for your growing child inside. The cramps might become uncomfortable as you may feel like having your period.

Is Cramping Normal During Early Pregnancy?

Constant cramping in early pregnancy is normal as much as you may not experience worse cramping. It is still normal if you never have heavy bleeding. These are more possible to happen after having sexual intercourse and when your urinary bladder is already full. As long you do not experience heavy flow of blood, there is no need for you to worry about the cramps that you feel.

Bleeding and Cramping During Early Pregnancy

Experienced cramping during early pregnancy is somewhat common. This must remain mild and it must never become worse and unbearable. On the other hand, when you notice that the cramping during early pregnancy turn to be worse or you experience heavy bleeding, you should consult your doctor. You should remember that cramping while having your first week in being pregnant is normal unless you encounter excruciating pain as well as heavy bleeding. You may ask your doctor about cramping during early pregnancy to gather more information and know when to seek medical help.


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