12 Week Fetus and Pregnancy: Ultrasound and Week 12 Pregnancy Symptoms

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In each and every week of pregnancy, the mother together with the baby inside the womb will suffer from a lot of change. These changes are very normal because the growth of the baby starts in a particular week. Changes vary on the stage of pregnancy that a mother steps.

Fact about Week 12 Pregnancy and Development12 Week Fetus and Pregnancy: Ultrasound and Week 12 Pregnancy Symptoms

In this particular pregnancy week, the changes in the appearance of the mother as long as the baby will begin to be very visible. This week, the baby will begin to weigh up to a full half-ounce. Professionals said that the size of the baby in this week will be as large as a large plum. The mother is also very prone to a lot of changes during this week. The 12 week fetus might possibly be seen when an ultrasound scan is being done.

12 Week Ultrasound and Fetus Gender

Pregnant use an ultrasound scan just to see the changes that might happen in the baby inside. Using this scan will let the mother see what does a 12 week fetus look like. The body parts of the baby begin to grow during this week. It is also possible to see the gender of the baby during this week. But, during this 12 pregnancy week, the doctor and the mother will only determine the gender of the baby by just 46 percent. To possibly know the gender of the baby by using the ultrasound scan, it is very advisable to conduct during the late week of pregnancy.

12 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

There are several symptoms that are very normal during this stage of pregnancy. One of the most common symptoms in this week is the frequent urination. Other symptoms in this pregnancy week are the fatigue, excessive saliva, the sense of smell and the vaginal discharge in this week will increase flatulence and headache occasionally. These are week 12 of pregnancy what to expect that each and every pregnant might have.

Development of Fetus Week by Week

12 Week Pregnant Belly

The 12 week fetus will start to grow during this particular week. Because of this, the belly of the mother will also start to grow. This is very normal but some pregnant are having abnormal bloating of belly. To avoid this abnormality, it is very important to visit the doctor regularly and eat foods that have the right nutrients that can help the health of the baby. Wearing tight jeans and skirts is not a wise thing to do as it can affect the growth of the baby and the belly.

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